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Please help us better children’s lives through sports, training and innovation

Developing the community through sports, training and innovation

ET Radebe Foundation (ETRF) is a non-profit organisation founded in memory of the late mother of icon Mr. Lucas Radebe. Mrs. Emily Radebe was passionate about promoting the basic and holistic development of men, women, and youth living in Diepkloof and nearby townships in Soweto using sports and recreation, arts and heritage, training, and technology.

Inspired by the strength and courage of his mother, Mr. Lucas Radebe and the team at the ET Radebe foundation’s primary focus is on key development programs tailored to motivate, educate, and transform communities.

Thus, improving the lives of others through social coercion while systemically bridging the inequality gap in the country is our passion, and bringing communities into the future by merging innovative corporate social investment with key corporate social responsibility programs, including sports development (working with township schools to unearth sporting talent), public empowerment projects (feeding programs), holistic health and wellness (sports training and coaching for youth), 4IR development in the sports industry (E-sports).

Sports & Tournaments
Feeding Programmes
4IR Development

The ET Radebe Foundation envisions a society where all children, women, and elderly people enjoy secure, healthy, enlightened lives, and flourish in a responsive environment that promotes their social, economic, cultural, educational, and moral development.

  • ET Radebe Foundation endeavors to unleash the potential of disadvantaged working women and their children, to succeed in life through the provision of adequate education, specialized early childhood development, health care, livelihood skills, and community development services.
  • Child and Gender development are fundamental to our work.
  • Ensuring that the senior citizens of our country are provided the best caregiving and quality health.
  • Empowering the greater community in skills training and development.
  • To inspire future sports leaders from a primary and secondary school level.
  • Promoting Unity (Ubuntu) and Placing People First (Batho Pele) in every project.
  • Fighting unemployment, Gender-based violence, and social inequality.
  • Developing township and rural communities via infrastructure development
  • Providing stakeholders and donors with opportunities for CSI initiatives

Why the Foundation?

Many young people have the potential to become beacons of light for the Republic of South Africa. With precise training and development, the youth have the potential to lead the way and impact their communities while inspiring others.


Therefore, we are passionate about uplifting the youth with abilities in sports, arts, and recreation, supporting township revitalization and the National Development plan while contributing to the global market in South African exports in Sports and Recreation.